Tyrone R. Worthington, Jr


Worthington’s fascination with the ocean and water began at a very young age.  He was constantly in the water and exploring any chance he got. However, his love and passion of the ocean truly manifested upon his return to Florida in 2013 when he began to visit the ocean on a regular basis.  It was clear and evident to him that this natural resource needed to be protected and that individuals needed to be educated regarding this sustainable resource before it was too late! In April of 2016, Aquatopia was created to ensure just that.

Utilizing his entrepreneurial spirit and skillsets to benefit the oceans and waterways, Worthington brought his expertise and fresh perspective on strategy, programs and partnerships to the organization through preserving the integrity of the environment.  His journey has just begun to educate the masses, spearheading innovative research and technologies that will inspire future generations to conserve this natural resource. In his role as Chairman, he will lead the Board of Directors to achieve Aquatopia’s philosophy, mission, strategy and annual goals.

Worthington devotes himself to conservation work and hopes to travel the world promoting ocean conservation and environmental awareness.